Classical Scales

Natural Major, Natural Minor,
Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor,
Melodic Minor

Jazz Scales

Augmented, Suspended Pentatonic,
Bebop Major, Whole-Half Diminished,
Bebop Minor, Half-Whole Diminished,
Bebop Dominant, Whole Tone

Rock and Blues Scales

Major Pentatonic,
Minor Pentatonic,
Major Blues, Minor Blues

World and Exotic Scales

Spanish, Hungarian Minor, Persian,
Oriental, Arabian, Japanese, Balinese,
Indian (Raga Asavari)



About This Website


I'm electric-fire, the creator of website.

I play guitar and sometimes synth, and I just wanted to simplify my life while getting ideas for improvisations and experimenting with guitar solos by creating new patterns based on different musical scales.

So I began creating this website with the idea in mind to upload all the basic and big number of exotic scales, each in every key, with very simple structure and navigation in order to avoid multiple annoying clicks when searching for a scale.
The site has grown and now available for everybody, enjoy.