Classical Scales

Natural Major, Natural Minor,
Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor,
Melodic Minor

Jazz Scales

Augmented, Suspended Pentatonic,
Bebop Major, Whole-Half Diminished,
Bebop Minor, Half-Whole Diminished,
Bebop Dominant, Whole Tone

Rock and Blues Scales

Major Pentatonic,
Minor Pentatonic,
Major Blues, Minor Blues

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Spanish, Hungarian Minor, Persian,
Oriental, Arabian, Japanese, Balinese,
Indian (Raga Asavari)



Classical Beginner Guitar Sheet Music with Staff and Tab Line

As I'm rememering myself when I was a beginner player, I always wanted to play easy complete piece of music, something that requers just a little skills I had. But all the sheet music I found was or very complicated or too primitive, just simple melody without a bass line or any hooks.

Eventually, little by little I found a few classical tunes that really easy to play if you at least can play arpeggios. And I decided to create this Beginner Guitar Sheet Music page to put them in one single place.


by Mauro Giuliani

Let all strings ring during the whole song.

Guitar Sheet Music for Beginners - Allegro by Mauro Giuliani





by Mauro Giuliani

Ecossaise by Mauro Giuliani - Easy Guitar Sheet Music




Spanish Waltz

by Nicolo Paganini

Free Classical Sheet Music for Beginners - Spanish Waltz by Nicolo Paganini





by Francisco Tarrega


Although this tune is straightworward, totally played with triplet notes along with simple bass line, there are a few challenges to overcome:


1. The playing requires some fretting hand stratching,

2. In the 3rd and 12th bar you'll need to use barre technique to press the strings simultaneously at the 2nd fret with the index finger.

Romance by Francisco Tárrega  - Beginner Guitar Sheet Music and Tab




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