Classical Scales

Natural Major, Natural Minor,
Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor,
Melodic Minor

Jazz Scales

Augmented, Suspended Pentatonic,
Bebop Major, Whole-Half Diminished,
Bebop Minor, Half-Whole Diminished,
Bebop Dominant, Whole Tone

Rock and Blues Scales

Major Pentatonic,
Minor Pentatonic,
Major Blues, Minor Blues

World and Exotic Scales

Spanish, Hungarian Minor, Persian,
Oriental, Arabian, Japanese, Balinese,
Indian (Raga Asavari)



C whole tone scale

The whole tone scale in other keys:

C C# D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B
notes on piano keyboard (one octave)
notes on piano keyboard -  c whole tone scale

c whole tone scale - staffs (notes) and guitar tab

* the figures behind the staff reperesent a guitar tab.


The interesting thing about this scale is that it doesn't have a leading tone, it's absolutely

symmetrical and exactly chopped, in the way that there's a whole tone space between each note.


Whole Tone Scale Explanatory Image


Whole-tone scales are mainly used in modern jazz music.