Waves of Spain

by Y. Shilin

This slow and melodic tune is played with fingerpicking. In order to make learning easier and the tab/score look clean I separated the theme into a few parts.

Part 1

Waves of Spain tab and notation - Part 1
If you don't know how to read the repeat signs above, do the following:
  • Play the part from the 1st to the 8th bar (including the 8th).
  • Return to the 1st bar and now play it to the 6th bar (including the 6th).
  • Skip playing the 7th and 8th bar, and finish the part by jumping to the remaining 9th and 10th bar.

Part 2

Waves of Spain - Part 2

This chunk is really easy to play, you'll only use the same p, m, i fingers on your fingerpicking hand throughout the whole part.

The repeat signs are straightforward here:

Part 3

Waves of Spain - Part 3

Part 4

This piece is the same as the 1st line of the 2nd part.

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Part 5

Waves of Spain tab/score - Finale

The very little notes (called ghost notes) at the 3rd bar on the last line should be played very quickly. You need to fingerpick the note at the 4th fret, instantly perform the 'hammer on' at the 5th bar and 'pull off' back to the 4th fret.

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