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These licks are supposed to be played with a distorted electric guitar. Some of them, even faster ones are quite easy to perform, mainly because they utilize the legato technique a lot that substitutes alternate picking.

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Rock Guitar Lick 1

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 1

A nice thing about this lick is that it sounds well with almost any rock
and metal jam track. Don't forget to transpose the lick to the key you're playing in though.

Rock Guitar Lick 2

audio example
tab in Em
tab for fast guitar lick

This pretty fast guitar lick is made of hammer on, alternate picking and palm muting techniques. Pay attention that your picking motions (up and down beats) are correct when you combine the legato with alternate picking.

I notated the recommended motion in the upper row of the guitar tab.

When alternate picking meets legato, the picking hand withdraws from picking, after legato notes are played, the picking hand begins to pick again, but keeps the picking motion as it would had picked the legato notes as well.

It's easier to explain in the guitar tab:
tab for example of right alternate picking

Rock Guitar Lick 3

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 3

Although this phrase is fast, with a bit of practice, it's pretty easy to play even for a beginner guitar player.

First part is played only with the fretting hand by the hammer on and pull off legato technique. It's always much quicker and easier to achieve high speeds with just one hand or two-hand tapping.

Rock Guitar Lick 4

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 4

After the Bend Down, when I play the legato passage only with the fretting hand, I place the picking hand behind it, across the all strings in order to mute them, so all the unused strings won't make any noise if I accidentally hit them.

After the legato passage I glide the index finger of the fretting hand along the lower E string towards the guitar body and back, it creates this "buzzing" sound effect. This trick nicely ends up with the power chord.

Rock Guitar Lick 5

audio example

Pretty easy to play guitar lick. Just in case, I included both fast and slow version in the audio example. The series of quickly alternating, trilling notes at the beginning are played by hammer on and pull off legato technique.

tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 5

6. Fast but not So Hard to Perform Lick

audio example
tab in Am
fast and easy guitar lick

Despite the phrase is swift and it may not be the easiest one for beginners, but with some practice, quite playable because the ascending figure is almost fully played by legato technique with the fretting hand.

The picking hand only strikes the first note on each string while rising up, this helps to pump the volume and punch to otherwise still legato sequence.

Rock Guitar Lick 7

audio example

This lick has an interesting impulsive rhythm to it.

tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 7

Rock Guitar Lick 8 "Blurry Feelings"

audio example

This lick is appropriate for slower songs. The "blurry" sound is achieved by silently bending a string and picking it when the bend is all the way up (this technique called Pre-Bend), and after that slowly releasing the string.

tab in Dm
tab for rock guitar lick 8

Rock Guitar Lick 9 - Plenty of Bends

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 9

10. A Couple of Melodic Tapping Licks

taping lick 1

audio example
tab in Am
Melodic Tapping Lick - guitar tab

In this phrase the fretting hand repeatedly plays the same two notes at the 5th and the 8th fret and only the tapping hand (your picking hand) jumps from fret to fret once per bar. Really easy to play stuff.

taping lick 2

audio example
tab in Am
Melodic Tapping Lick 2 - guitar tab
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