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Rock Guitar Lick 11

simultaneous octave note shredding
audio example
tab for Octave Shredding Guitar Lick

The performing technique used in this lick can save you in situations when you run out of ideas when improvising. So listen carefully!

The thing here is to play two notes simultaneously in an interval of one octave. I don't know exactly why, but repeatedly picking two notes in this way while moderately shifting fretting hand position upwards/downwards along the scale in the key of your jam track will sound quite good, while doing the same trick just on a single string might sound pathetic :)))

In this particular lick it is more comfortably to use only downstroke technique, and the index and the pinky finger on the fretting hand to press the 3rd and the 1st strings, while the middle finger can slightly touch the 2nd string in order to muffle it.

The muffled string will emit some crunchy sound when the plectrum is stroking through it, and that sound is beautiful!

Rock Guitar Lick 12

audio example
tab in Em
tab for rock guitar lick 12

On the last note I performed whammy bar dips.

Rock Guitar Lick 13

audio example
tab in Am
tab for fast rock guitar lick 13

The idea in this lick is to move the descending pentatonic figure higher and higher on the fingerboard.

The use of the pull off legato technique to glue each couple of notes allows to skip upstrokes with your pick, making it easier to play quickly for beginner guitar players.

Rock Guitar Phrase 14 - Melodic Lick

This lick fits in well with slow, soft, ballad like tunes.

audio example
tab in Em
tab for melodic rock guitar lick 14

Other melodic, soft and ballad phrases:

15 - Rhythm Guitar Lick

audio example
tab in C (Am)
tab for blues-rock rhythm guitar lick


16. Slow Melodic Tapping Lick

audio example
tab in Am
tab for Slow Melodic Tapping Guitar Lick

In order to get gentle guitar distorted sound as I have in the example, add lush delay effect and you might also add some reverberation, after your distortion or overdrive pedal.

If you're not sure how to get a suitable guitar sound for different genres out of your setup, I very recommend to look at the 'examples of effect combinations' on my other website dedicated to beginner electric guitar players and use them as a reference:

Rock Guitar Lick 17

audio example
tab in Am
tab for Rock Guitar Lick 17

18. Glissando Guitar Lick

audio example

This beautiful lick has something similar with Steve Vai's playing style. Here I go downwards and upwards around the fingerboard using the sliding technique (also called glissando).

The main sequence consists of the triplet notes, each second note of the triplets is linked to the third with a legato slide, so the third note rings without help of your fretting hand.

tab in Bm
Tab for Glissando Guitar Lick

19. Rock/Metal Guitar Lick

audio example
tab in Am
tab for Metal Guitar Riff

Rock Guitar Lick 20

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 20, alternate picking and bending

This passage I played with the wah effect. The quickly played sequence of notes in the beginning of the phrase has a very simple pattern:

Play four notes upwards on the pentatonic scale using alternate picking, return to the third note you played, and play next four notes starting from it, return to the third note of the last four note group and play next four notes etc...

At the end of the lick I perform a couple of full bends with vibrato, and finish up the lick by playing the artificial harmonic to the pre-bent note at the 8th fret.

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