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Rock Guitar Lick 21

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 21

Rock Guitar Lick 22 - Unison Bending

audio example
tab in Am
tab for rock guitar lick 22, unison bending

The growling sound in the beginning of the lick is achieved by slowly playing the unison bend, while the bending string is gradually shifting its pitch I pick it several times, until the bend and the static note have the same pitch.

Rock Guitar Lick 23

audio example
Mixing hammer on and palm mute technique
tab in Am
tab for great guitar lick, Mixing hammer on and palm mute technique

To make it sound right the main passage must be played swiftly. Pay attention at the picking directions indicated at the first row on the tab. Because the legato notes are introduced, the straight alternate picking isn't most appropriate here:

the first note in the four-note group is played with the downstroke, the second by the hammer on (you miss the pick stroke here), the third again by the downstroke and the fourth by the upstroke.

Neo-Classic Rock Tapping Lick

audio example

This lick is fully played with the tapping, hammer on and pull off technique, without using the guitar plectrum, so it's not gonna be a problem for beginners to reach speedy playing.

tab in Cm
tab for Neo-classic Rock Tapping Lick

Cross Tapping Guitar Lick

audio example

In order to play in the cross tapping position, place your fretting hand about the 12th fret (in a usual way), and hover the picking hand over about the 7th fret, as shown in this picture:

Performing Guitar Cross Tapping
tab in Em
tab for Cross Tapping Guitar Lick
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